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Thanks Bz and Fabby, it's discouraging because I love the PT resident there. It was an EMG test. I only thought it would red flag my insurance as I'm sure they looking at my file more closely due to the high expenses I'm incurring with the MRI, etc. My GP prescribes my painkillers but recommended PM and PT. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow and will raise it all with him.

I just can't believe the test cost so much - 4 times my MRI. And I am hoping that the clinic doesn't look to me for payment - we work hard for our insurance coverage and I also feel responsibility as I do this for a living (administer health benefits) so I know that I should have checked with my insurance as well but I didn't think the test would cost so much.

I will approach the bookkeeper and speak to the chiro at the practice as well.

I wish someone out there could help me. I have thoracic pain. I'm willing to learn postural exercises, anything to help me feel good. I'm in accounting and spend 12 hours 4 x weekly in front of a computer. I know, I need to get up and move a bit but my job is so high pressured, I don't stop to eat. Then I leave to drive home at 2 am and I have to pull over until waves of muscle spasms pass. This has been going on 2 years, the spasms. I worry about the pain pills and my liver - I don't abuse them, I don't get high, I take them as prescribed. I just want to be pain free.

Sorry for the vent, I needed to get that out. My husband is tired of listening to me complain. Thanks for listening.

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