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Okay...I hope I can describe this correctly. I've always kinda had back problems since I was a teenager. Was hit from behind by a truck and had to see a chiropractor to realign my spine. Nowadays I have been seeing a doctor pretty regularly..I'm 50. Saw one when my oldest son was little after I picked him up to play with him and my collar bone and spine went all out of whack. I have had this new pain that comes maybe every other month and it drives me nuts. It feels like a pulled muscle part way down my back between my left shoulder blade and the spine. At times it feels like its swollen although I can't see any swelling from the outside. There is an ache that goes down to my wrists and fingers. I've tried stretching it out but nothing works. This started a week ago and I have an appt. today at 4 to go to my chiropractor for an adjustment. Does anyone else experience this?

Any advice? Thanks!

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