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Thanks feelbad for the information, I'll give you the information that I have from previous reports, study of bone scan in 2005 states increased radiotracer uptake in the T9 region fuses to the spinal process which appears slightly more sclerotic than the other spinal processses. MRI scan of 2005 thoracic states benign lesion of bone/intraosseous hemangioma/lipoma for T7 thoracic vertebral bodies posteriorly/superiorly. I was seen by a neuro-oncologist back in 2005 for the T9 issue and he stated that it would be worthwhile following the region on the bone scan which has been stated be benign as over time this may change.
It does not state on any reports of size or hemosiderin.
I know that I will just have to wait until my appointment in July, and then I'll get my answers, hopefully. I'm very cautious about my health because I had a very bad experience 16 years ago that my symptoms were dismissed by a doc. and it almost cost me my life, I was literally 10 minutes away from being dead, so I'm cautious, I always ask a ton of questions, get copies of everything and educate myself before any visits that I have.
Thanks for you help.
you can never have enough information on your own health ARE doing the right thing by just being cautious.and getting your own copies of everything is also a great idea.i do the same thing as i have had similar experiences to yours too.

being that this is "intraosseous' basically it is IN the bone itself and not outside it or on it.that is why they didn't or couldn't really do any realistic measurement of it.i am not 100% certain but i would think that with having this in the bone,your real biggest risk to you would be just a possible higher risk of fracture there since there isn't the 'real' bone inside it,you know what i mean?did they give you any real specifics on this as far as prognosis or anything concrete?just what type of doc will you be seeing for this?

please keep me posted on the doc visit,K? good luck,Marcia

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