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Thanks Harmony and Marcia for explaining that. I'm going to research this more before I go in for the test. Since there's such a long wait at the hospitals, I've been strongly encouraged by my doctors and physio therapist to get a private MRI, which will cost about $600 (but will also get me in a month or two earlier, which apparently could make all the difference in my case). Talking to the receptionist over at the private MRI clinic, she said the technicians will decide when I get there whether or not I need a contrast MRI. Does that sounds right? I thought my doctor would order the contrast if it was needed and that the technicians just did as the doctor requested.

Anyway, I'm highly sensitive to drugs too (can't even tolerate tylenol for more than a couple days) so am not anxious to be injected with something like this. Of course if that's what's needed, that's what's needed.

I'm so sorry about your brain aneurysm Marcia. Some in my family have this. Were they able to operate?

Take care...


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