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me again...hope you guys are still around to help as I really do appreciate your guidance..please believe me when I say it is all I have just now! Still as confused as ever. New info. Went to chiropractor (session 2 armed with xray and many questions to see where this is really going-wanted to give him chance with xrays this time).He saw 'moderate degeneration below L5', he nows says this new info gives him a programme idea which is 6-24 sessions to 'stabilise', then once per month 'maintenance'. UK Xray report was 'lumbar spine: no significant loss of alignment (chiro says scoliosis), minor boney lipping, no frank disc space narrowing (chiro sees moderate degeneration), no vertebral collapse'. Does disc space narrowing have anything to do with degeneration of L5? Moderate is bad right? Are these reports conflicting? I am due back to UK soon so am thinking I should ask to see a spine specialist there as you guys suggested. Would that be an osteopath? So many questions I know, sorry. I'm just so worried.

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