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Hey all, went for several scheduled tests yesterday, xray, MRI, and the DREADED EMG.. First 2 tests went off fine...the EMG was a horror story...they couldn't get the nerves to do what they they shocked and shocked and increased the power...(asked them if they fry the prisoners...) Changed the leads etc. Finally the Dr. came in and looked at everything, then she go this really thin needle and started at my foot and worked her way to my spine...when she hit the sacrum area I litteraly SCREAMED...and yelled to get it out of me. Hate those tests.. husband knew I hated them, but after seeing this (1 1/4 hrs worth) he said never again would he let me have one... Finally had an appt. with the PM Dr....he said that the spine wasn't too bad???? MRI:shows desication at L2/L3 L4-L5..lateral disc herniation at L4/L5..but the material diesn't appear to be touching L4 nerve root... Bilateral facet hypertrophy in lowerst 3 levels.

Sounds good to me...but every one of my MRI's is different, and this one is too... Dr. said it wasn't too bad...well, would like to know what is causing the pain.. Oh....the Dreaded EMG Dr. said that there is a L5 radi. in my leg...ya think that is all she could find after that!!! So wonder what is causing that, if everything else is ok....

Oh Dr. gave me a transforaminal epidural at L5...but put some extra heavy durty stuff in there...we'll see if it works.

Then he was really upset cause on the MRI there appears to be something else in my kidney...which is not a normal cyst they are calling it a lesion... he's making me promise to go to my Dr. on Monday.. lovely...whatever it is had grown since my last MRI... He was really upset by this....for some reason I am not...figure it's just a funny looking cyst they have to check up on. Actully I had a CT scan on kidney just over a yr. ago...thought I had had a stone..(hospital).but my Dr. said no...but he didn't know what was wrong..actually said everything was ok at that another adventure starts..oh fun...don't have any patience with this..NONE...fed up...tired and aching today... I'll get over it, just disguested!!
Just letting you all know what was up...hope that you have a great weekend...and feel good...


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