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[SIZE="3"]Hey guy's my pain management Dr. told me ANYONE who has spine surgery is going to have arthritis , Hmmm I didn't know this ..

Anyway , I have the hip pain to ,my left side , it run's down the outside of my leg clear down to my outer foot , and across the top of my little toes , my big toe only buzz's under it ?? Mine was supposed to be nerve damage , but I don't understand why it keep's getting worse when I'm on my butt or feet , when I lay down it almost goes away ?

To me this sound's like a pinched nerve not nerve damage , but you know me I'm a drama King .:p The spinalcord stimulator takes away the hip pain and some leg pain but I still get the deep dull aching feeling in my leg's and feet..They feel like there being crushed . I hope you guy's don't get it that bad yet and never do. I live with the buzzing more than ever now since this stim makes that happen. Really that doesn't bother me ..ITS the crushing stinging I hate.

Happy 4th everyone , I'm watching from my window's tonight all by myself :confused: wifes working and my daughter is at the firework show with her boyfriend and family .
Pepper hope your party is going well and your doin ok.[/SIZE]

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