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Will I ever be able to sleep on my stomach again? I am (trying to heal) from 2 microdiscectomies in a year and a 1/2. In my sleep, I roll to sleep on my stomach and god knows how long I have been in that sleeping position, but I awake to excruciating pain. The pain is so bad that I usually am dreaming that I am in pain, but awake to find that I am sleepin in my once favorite position..on my tummy. I barely can change positions on my own, it feels like my back is about to break and feels all tied up. It SUCKS!

Can anyone (that has had back surgery) sleep on their stomach?
I have had a micro-D almost 3 yrs ago. Now Dr. says I need a 2 level fusion. Anyways, I used to always sleep on my stomach before the back pain. But not anymore at least not intentionally. The rare occasions where I do end up sleeping on my stomach, like HiediCamp described, I will be dreaming of excruciating back pain. Then I awake and realize it was for real, I feel helpless cause I can barely turnover from the pain and by that time my legs are numb and I cant tell if they are bent, straight or what. I actually go into a mild panic trying to turn over.
I had a L5-S1 Micro-D that was 8 mm & compressing the S1 nerve. I was in even more pain so I had a 2nd Mri w/ contrast and saw the L4-L5 bulging and grade 4 tear I believe it is , where its torn all the way through the outside of the disc. So the Neuro says both discs are bad causing the low back pain & problems in my legs. Thus, I need 2 level fusion.
Before seeing this spine specialist , an orthopedic Dr said all my problems were from a large amount of scar tissue from the Micro-d surrounding / tethering the s1 nerve, and theres nothing they can do about it. Then I got another opinion with the Neurologist.

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