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[QUOTE=shawley;3094379][SIZE="3"]KKmom ,

Sorry about your problems , can you explain to me where in your leg's your having pain ? First thing you need to do if you haven't already is get yourself an attorney for worker's comp. I noticed a couple people ask you this and you didn't answer. From experience you need a lawyer to help you along with your injury.

Being over wieght should'nt have any reason not to treat you , I have never heard of such a thing . Have you had surgery before on your spine ?
If I were you I would tell this Dr. to kiss where the sun doesn't shine and find another one . Here in Pennsylvania after 90 day's of your injury you can go to any Dr. of your choice . Good luck I hope they find your source of pain soon.

Shawley sorry it took me so long to respond to you or even anyone else, just alot of crap going on. Anyways I will describe my leg pain to you. First, i would like to add I never had any problems with my left leg or legs at until I hurt my back. It first started as numbness in my buttock and it went down hill each day from there. Now it has been going on for 8 months. I have been given injections, prednisone packs, pt, and various meds like neurontin for nerve pain, all with no help. I fell constant pain from my left buttock down to my left toes, its hard to explain but i also I have numbness to my toes, now the right foot too. A new symptom of left thigh numbness, pins and neddles whatever you want to call it has developed. The pain in my leg is weird because its like a deep burning aching feeling, not relieved my anything not even the exercises they have given me. now i have all test known and none of them show nerve comression, I dont know what is going on all I can say is I know how I feel. The only test i did not really get was the disco gram and I am sure you heard the story about that, me being so fat for the test when they knew my weight going in. Yes at the time i was 280, but i am the type I dont carry it where i look like a mountain and I am and has been really swollen. They was about to start the procedure, iv was in and all and even asked my weight prior from going in and then send me home because I am too fat. I feel like if it had this test it can be the answer whats going on with me. I cannot convince these people for nothing about my pain. It has gotten the point where I dont really mention it at the visits with pm doc and one of the surgeon since they have said it is not back related. I dont get it. I will call member services on monday, because it is only getting worse by the day. The pm doc did a emg on me back in dec and said oh you have tarsal tunnel of both feet, referred to podiatry who ruled that out and said it was from my back. None of these doc believe me and I cant beleive this pm doc is talking about some freaking bursitis in my left hip and knee, yes i am sore there but like I asked him that does not mean it should cause all of the symtoms i have. Further more when I talked to my doc pa she said a disco woulld only determin back pain and not leg pain, i know that is wrong, but I am pissed and I am getting ready to fight this crap, I have been off work for 8 months due to this. Sorry if this was too long, but I was just trying to answer your question

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