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I don't think the injections are helping, the pain started yesterday, of course I was on my feet more, and today went grocery shopping, and been cooking this afternoon, and my lower back is killing me I have horrible pain going in my lower back more so on the right side, and have burning pain going down my right leg.
Now I have a question for any of you, it seems that since the injections the burning pain has increased since then, I had it before my injections but not to this degree, I am even having it while I'm sitting here, it's painful to walk, to sit to stand just like before.
I'm so frustrated, if these injections don't work, do any of you know what will be done next, I'm afraid to even guess.
I've had it with procedures, pain you name it, I've had it, I can't take anymore, I'm only out of surgery it will be a year in Sept since my last cervical fusion, and now my lower back, I just can't get a break, I'm sick and tired of it all.
Guess I'll go lay with an ice pack, and try and find something good on the ole' tv.
Thanks for listening to me complaining, don't know where else to turn.
Thanks everyone for the encouraging words, as I am out of this 9 days already, and actually my back is worse, I took several days to lay low, and didn't help, my neighbor said that if I didn't get relief yet I probably won't(she's had the facet injections also). I do feel like my back does feel worse, very difficult to walk, and now I have burning that goes into my calf on the right leg, where as before the injections I only had burning into my groin.
I'm not a happy trooper right now.
I see my doc. on Monday, and not looking forward to it at all.

So if these facet injections did not work, what will be in store for me next?
What have some of you done for step two.
I shall go and try and get comfy for the evening.

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