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[QUOTE=Justoneofus;3103108]Hi there. I think there is some confusion. HuckleB is seeing a DO. which is a Osteo Doctor.. not a chiro. Osteo's try to heal people by more hollistic approaches than the average doctor might and generally deal with the whole body.

The creme' dala creme' for spine doctors is a spine surgeon (Ortho or Neuro). It does not sound as though your issues are spine related (per your own words). This particular board relates to lumbar and thorasic spine issues, and I'm not sure you will find much help for your issues either. Sorry.

I do hope that you get some answers. Best of luck to you.:)[/QUOTE]

I am sorry for the confusion. This is all new to me. The osteo has been treating me for this pinched nerve in my shoulder that is causing pain in my neck/shoulder/back & headaches. Now he says my lower back is messed up. This must be a muscle/nerve issue too.

I guess I am in the wrong spot. I thought this board was for "back problems" which I have. Please direct me to which board on this site I would use to post my issues.

I haven't had an MRI. I had problems with my sacrum about 7 years ago. I had an MRI of the lumbar then. They didn't find anything wrong then. I don't have insurance so I doubt I will do an MRI. Besides, my "pinched nerve" problem the osteo said is causing the muscle that is triangular that goes from my neck down to my shoulder & then it hurts down my back. He said it's really "stringy" or fiberous or something like that. He puts down cervical & thorasic in my chart. I am not as concerned about that as much as I am about this lower back/pelvic problem. It got bad again yesterday afternoon. It does not hurt when I push anywhere... It is hurting all over & it really stinks!!! I have lost more weight, I think another 2 lbs, which gets me up to 15 lbs lost in about 4 weeks. (No complaints about that!!) Anyway, it was cramping again last night, and I REALLY hate that. I am still waiting to hear about the CT. I will post what I hear....
I just wanted to let everyone know that my CT scan came back with a calcification in the ureter, so it seems to be a stone. Sorry to bother you all with this back pain, seems a kidney/urinary tract issue. I just couldn't believe that it would cause pain all over like it does. It has progressively gotten worse & I am having a hard time dealing. But I am getting ready to go get some more pain meds which do help. I think this stone is causing such havoc in my body that my muscles are tensing up & I think that has even possibly caused the pinched nerve in my shoulder, since most of all the pain is on the left side, but seems to radiate to the right in my lower back/pelvis area, and my "pinched nerve" is on my left side too. Anyway, thanks for all your help & insight.

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