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Hi, I had sciatica pain in left leg, which then also went into the right, and lumbar stenosis, which caused deep aching cramping pains in the backs of both legs. So I had different leg pains from different things going on. I had epidurals, which did help the sciatica pains in both legs. The shots did nothing for my stenosis pain (claudication) though. I had surgery for the stenosis and that DID relieve all my claudication pain, thankfully. Then a few months ago, I got left sided sciatica again down to my toes with numbness, and other symptoms. I think it kind of lessened slowly on it's own over the 2 months it took to see someone about it, but it was still painful. It was still horrible while sneezing, coughing, or straightening my leg. I finally had a nerve block done and even though the steroids have since worn off, I did not get the sciatic pain back (yet, & hope it doesnt come back). I did have some disc material or scar tissue lodged in a lateral recess, so hopefully that washed away & disintegrated with the nerve block. So now I am once again at the point where I don't have leg pain. I still have other pains, though, so it seems when one pain disappears, another one appears, oh well. I do feel lucky, though, that I've seemed to have good success with injections I've had and with my surgery.

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