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My doctor wont be back for 2 weeks and I have a copy of my xray report. Can anyone please help me understand this:

Findings: L5 is a transitional verebra. Transverse process and sacrum have fused. Disc space is narrowed. The remaining disc spaces are preserved. There are no fractures. Sagittal alignmenent and vertical height are well maintained. Facets appear to be articulating normally.

Impression: Transitional vertebrae at L5 with no other abnormality identified.

I have been having lower back pain shooting down thru my right calf and ankle, and sometimes my foot.

Any help is really appreciated!
Please remember when I post this that I am not a doctor just another spinney like you.

In 1982 at the age of 17, I had a fusion for a transitional vertebrae and was told that it mean't I had no disc in between the vertebrae so that my s1/s2 was rubbing and was unstable. Recently, I obtained this report and they also said that I had spinal bifida which my parents included had no idea. Very interesting.....does this mean that you need a fusion?? I have no clue because technology has changed so much since 1982.

Good luck and try to hang in there until you appt. Please keep us posted on the results.
Thanks for the input. I did do some reading online about a transitional vertebrae, but the only thing I could find about it says it is an extra vertebrae , usually affecting lumbar 6 (extra). So Im stumped. I am in so much pain, and I got a callback from another doctor in the office, he said its all normal. So now I am really stumped. :confused:
Interesting. Yes, mine was an extra vertebrae but I was missing the disc. So I assume you have the disc present?

Your report also says you have narrowing at L5 which could be causing you pain hence the nerve pain down the calf and foot. If you do a search on dermatone charts you will see the pathways of the nerve root and your pain depicts L5.

I had a fusion in Feb on L5/S1 and suffer pain on the side of the right thigh, right side of calf, right side of the foot, the first four toes, top of foot and bottom of foot.
HI there. you used the term Xray. Was this more a CT Scan or MRI than an Xray I assume?

Hmm. your transverse process and sacrum have self fused it seems. If I read it correctly, you may have some mild degeneration at the L5 level. IF this is so, would definitely be why to doctor would say it's "normal".

Degenerating discs are very normal for us all, BUT for some of us, it brings pain and other spine complications to follow.

Are they giving you any medications and or has anyone suggested Physical Therapy for you yet?

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