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Hi guys,

My PM has scheduled me tentatively for August 1st for the Trial and August 8to implant the device itself. Was your trial only a week? Anyone? They are doing the ANS with three leads. Shawley, how many leads do you have? What disc or disc areas are the main problem (L4, L5 etc.) I read your other post about your leg/foot having problems. They are doing the 3 leads to try to combat both. He said I will likely have greater relief in the leg than back. That sucks because my back hurst ALL THE TIME while my leg only hurts bad occassionally but when it does man it hurts worse than my back. Other times it is more of an annoyance. Plus, from my knee to my toes (particularly my big toe -3rd) are all numb on the right leg/foot. Has been for a few months now and slowly progressed. I bring this up "S"hawley:) as it sure sounds like that is happening to you. It happens to be from the L5 and all of my pain seems to be from that one little bugger of an area. I have some in L4 and S1 as well but nothing like L5. Basically I have scarring around the nerve but the inflamation is pressing into it causing it to squeeze it like a lemon. I don't know how a stimulator will help that but hopefully it will. The numbness MAY go away in time, it might get worse. If it gets worse, I'll get to add a leg brace to my collection of goodies. I use a cane on my worst days but I have to say, I feel like I am turning into a real Frankenstein.

You know what is really bothering me? Ok, I'll spill. I still haven't fused or fully fused (not sure if at all) and once you have this thing put in, you can't have any of the CT scans etc that determine it. I actually have more things wrong with me now than before I had the surgery. Is it simply a progression of the disease itself, did they screw up or are we (others like me) just that unlucky? I don't know but to go from the surgeon telling me that he was going to replace my donor bone with a protein mix to PM doing the stimulator is just weird. The surgeon doesn't want to redo the surgery yet because it would be like having a sore on your arm and sticking a knife in it and twisting it around. Surgery was May 06. So, as usual, I am clueless but desperate for the ability to get off of the couch and live. (I do more than that but not a whole lot).

I worked for 6 whole days this month! I'm not supposed to but not one friend or family member believed me when I told them that. By the 7th day, I couldn't get out of bed by myself so they are all really nice to me now lol. Whatever on that one. I think those that go out to this site for their spouses should be commended for trying to help, understand and for caring. As for the rest of you....I am blessed to have found you. You have helped me through many rough days.

Love ya!

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