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[QUOTE][/QUOTE][QUOTE=Jayvue;3110398]Sacroiliac Joint Disorder and Piriformus problems...hmmm...this sounds so familiar to me! It sounds like exactly what I have, albeit, on my left side. This area, almost like a band from my upper buttocks about halfway down all the way around to my hip and left pelvis...always sore...always tight...feels like my hip needs to crack, and yes...I've discovered the female correlation at that time of the month too! I've never had cramps and it seems since I've developed this about a year and a half ago I have.

I've had very little response to epidural injections prior to my fusion...having my first injection since fusion on Monday and hoping it helps.

If I'm having the same thing you two are it is seems nothing works and my husband is a Physical Therapist! He has worked with me innumerable times trying to stretch my piriformus and hip flexors to no avail. He does think it's a muscular problem and has been trained in muscle energy, cranio-sacral therapy, and therapeutic manipulation. It just seems I'll feel good for only a little bit and then it's back to the same thing! I have seen a pelvic specialist at his clinic prior to surgery that said I was off a little bit and after doing muscle-energy with her felt a little better the next day.

[QUOTE][/QUOTE]My lates find is I have in the past two weeks found a massage therapist who beats me up and gets in that area really hard...I went yesterday and today actually felt a little looser...not like my hip needs to be pulled out and put back in socket or crack really hard...[QUOTE][/QUOTE]

Please let me know if any of this sounds familiar and share any advice you can regarding PT and what your doing to help, etc, as it seems medication does not touch it!

I know my husband has been doing alot of research in the past year or so and conferring with collegues about how to treat me but nothing seems to be working. In addition, I've been doing Aquatic PT at the Cerebral Palsy Center which has made me more aware of my posture and strengthend my core muscles since the fusion, but no resolving of this elusive little problem.

Thanks so much!


Hey Jennifer, you said you went to massage chiropractor worked with a technique called 'active release' for deep tissue injury and I had immediate releif from the tightness and pulling in my right hip with sitting and bending. He unlocked hip flexors with this technique as well as releasing spasms in my leg and my sciatica disappeared. I am beginning to see the correlation between the pelvis being out of whack causing other ligaments tendons etc int he area to cause pain. Thanks for all responses. G

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