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WalksGingerly - That was a struggle to read (I do have ADD)- can you please use multiple paragraph breaks?? Thanks!!

Have you had an MRI?? I went down a similar road as you are going down now, and was assured my problem was the piriformis muscle. I cannot tell you the money I spent at chiropractor!!!!

I had ZERO back pain, nada, zilch. All my pain was in the center of my right buttock, and after months of chiropractic, the pain started shooting down my leg and eventually to my foot. But it was NEVER in my back. I called it my RBP - random butt pain. lol I would walk around with my fingers digging into the exact spot because it would relieve the pain. Didn't make a pretty site for those witnessing that, lol.

Finally went to a physical therapist and was diagnosed with a herniation in 5 minutes. They did very little until I had an MRI, which showed a major "blowout" at L5-S1. All the months I spent believing it was a piriformis issue caused permanent nerve damage. I then ended up with 3 surgeries in 12 months.

If in the beginning my chiropractor (whom I highly valued, trusted, personal friend, etc.) and even hinted that perhaps a medical evaluation was advised, I truly believe I wouldn't be sitting here with numb feet and outer legs. (After the first surgery, the pain started going down my left leg.)

I hope all bases are covered with you!!

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