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The surgery I had at the end of Feb was the Dysenys Stablization system. This is only FDA approved when you in addition to removing the disc and performing a traditional fusion.

I still have the disc he did not remove it. I had bilateral pars defect which had completely broke on both sides. The vertebra was very loose. I had a couple of week that I thought I was getting better when the worst flare hit. I went to ER and they ordered and MRI. The MRI shows a bad disc from L4-L5 and osteoartritis in the facet joints and the bilateral pars defect stable. Did not mention spondy as the previous mri did.

Well I ended up with another huge flare up last week and my hubby wanted me to go to ER. This was on a Thursday and Dr was in the office. I refused they ER as we can not afford it. I spend that day in bed crying in pain. We when Dr talked to hubby he talked about alot of things and mentioned that I would have to have a 2 level traditional fusion to lock the area down tight because it is something in my movement causing this. Oh almost forgot when this happens (which has been twice) I get a stabbing pain in the S1 area on the right and my upper leg will go numb. Almost to the groin area. I have bruises on my leg where I have pinched myself to see if I have feeling.
He mentioned to hubby he could give me morphine but we never heard anymore. So around 5pm hubby called again. (I did not know about these calls) They blew him off. Well at 5:30 the phone rang and the nurse (the one I really don't care for) called. I answered and he said well the Dr called in Narco for me. I said I take Narco now and it is not helping. He said sorry sweetie (which I hate) I don't know what to tell you. I said well call the Dr and he refused. So I said ok maybe it is time to get a new Dr. I hung up.

Not 15 minutes later the Dr called and proceded to tell me he sees people all day with demolished backs and really bad problems and mine really isn't that bad. I said well I don't know about that but I know the pain I am in. I was still crying during this call. He then told me I have spondy, osteoarthritis in the facet joints and a bad disc at L4-L5 and the pars defect. (But he thinks my back is fine) he went on to say no other Dr would have done the surgery he did on me.. (We that is probably right since this system is only FDA approved when the disc is removed). He said well if I put you in pain management they would not give you drugs like I do I am more leniate about the meds. I was mad at this point and told him I do not want the drugs I just want a normal or near normal life. I was not real nice at this point and still crying. He said he had to go to the hospital and would find out what they gave me the one time I went when this started. He would then leave a script for 20 pills at the ER desk. He said he would call me when he did this. I hung up wishing I could have recorded that call. I also thought I would not hear back from him. Well he did call at 9pm and did leave a script for didludin(sp) I went and picked it up and it did help. I had a couple of better days.

He told me the pain is from something dynamic in the way I am moving and that I should basically do nothing except walk. Well I have to work. He understands that and never told me I could not. Even when I went back to surgery 2 wks after he never told me I shouldn't.

I guess this is long enough but hubby and I are not getting along because he can not deal with my pain and we are having very bad money problems because of my surgery. Med bills. My insurance is 80-20 so it left me a big chunk to pay. United health care. And the ER visits are 50% my part unless I would be dying then they pay 100%.

Anyway things have been said that hurt real bad and I am not sure I can get over. We have been together for over 20 years. I have always been there with him thru all his heart attacks and problems. He almost died 3 times from his heart. But he doesn't see it.

My daughter is almost 16 and is a great kid. Thank goodness because if I had to deal with the teenage problems with all I would just go crazy. So for her sake we are trying to be ok around her and get thru the Ms teen wyoming thing. Then I am making some changes.

Sorry for rambling but I appreciate all of you.

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