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Re: Shawley
Aug 1, 2007
Hey - Thanks for the prayer's kkmom . And Pepper I understand about not chatting to much , I hardly get on here anyway. Thanks Clover I hope to get to the bottom also. Sorry you guys are going through some ruff times to.

My surgeon appointment went terrible ! I got there and ask the secretary where is the Med rep and she said I don't know.. He never showed up ! I said I drove 256 miles round trip to see if he could adjust this thing and he isn't here ? They gave me the number of the Medronic main office to call this guy ..I said he better come to my house because I'm not driving this distance again. I'll call him @ 9:00am.

Back to the surgeon : I told him the stim is only working on my lower calf leg not the back / hip /ankles feet and toes . He said talk with the med rep and if he can't fix it he will have to lower the leads..I ask him about my back pain. I told him I couldn't be on my feet for no longer than 45 minutes before my pain gets to bad. He said he has done everything he could do for my back . This had me fired up , I said to him " I can deal with the everyday aches and pains but this back pain is unbarable, He ask if I was exercising ? I looked at him and said. I told you I can't do anything because of this pain.
He told me no nerves are pinched and that it may be scar tissue putting pressure on my nerves , I told him I wanted him to find me a Neurosurgeon who specialized in the spine itself..I told him not saying he isn't good but I need to explore new options if there is nothing left for him to do so he is calling a surgeon this week for me..I have my fingers crossed...I was really upset because I wasted a trip to see him yesterday..$80 is what I spent and he didn't do anything for me except raise my dosage of Lyrica.:mad:

I know I can pretty much get some relief when they move the leads down on my nerve but it's so sad my back pain will always be there until the find out why it hurts so much. Workers comp is making me go to a Imparement rating evaluation to rate my injury. Things are getting pretty gloomy around here . I hope my surgeon pulls through and finds me that neuro.


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