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[QUOTE=CHKUEHN1;3145840]Hello everyone!
I just had to respond to this topic because this is the first place I have found someone who is experiencing the exact same upper back problems. (I have been looking for more than 3 yrs for an explanation for my symptoms)
I have had 3 MRI's of my C & T spines and of course it does depend on the Radiologist interpreting the report. I am a Radiologic Technologist so that is not news to me.
My first MRI (2004) showed a focal left paracentral HNP at T7 which was touching the cord; and mild disc bulging at C5-6 & C6-7.
My second MRI (2005) showed left sided disc protrusion & osteophyte spurring at T7-8 with effacement of the left anterior aspect of the thecal sac. C5-6 central protruding disc w/ mild effacement of the thecal sac. C6-7 protruding disc w/ mild effacement of the thecal sac & mild stenosis.
My most recent MRI was in June of this yr. The HNP at T6-7 unchanged. Small anterior osteophyte formation at multiple levels of T spine. C5-6 mild to moderate posterior central disc protrusion w/ mild stenosis. The disc protrusion may contact the anterior aspect of the spinal floor.
Before my first MRI, I was sent to a cardiologist and had a full cardiac work-up because of my symptoms. Some of my tests were slightly abnormal so he suggested a heart cath. I declined because I really didnt believe it was heart related. I spoke to one of my Radiologists who recommended that I have an MRI. (which I did) Then I went to an orthopedic Dr who recommended that I have an epidural and also gave me a rx for Neurontin at bedtime to see if it would help with the burning, tingling & numbness I was feeling beneath my left breast. I decided against the epidural at that time. I have been on Neurontin for about 2 yrs now and cannot say that it has helped me at all. Last wk I went to a pain management Dr (who I know personally) and he did a Thoracic epidural. He also suggested that I stop the Neurontin and try Lyrica. I started the Lyrica 1 wk ago and started weaning myself off of the Neurontin but I cannot tell that the epidural helped at all. I went back to him yesterday and he said I had terrible muscle spasms all the way down the left side of my back. He didnt think I should do another epidural. He did about 20 trigger point injections. He said if I havent noticed any difference with the Lyrica yet that its probably not going to help so I am going to stop taking both and see what happens. (I have swelling & wt gain with both) He gave me Norflex (muscle relaxer) and Lidoderm patches to try. He also noted that I have mild scholiosis and thought maybe a chiropractor could help alittle. He recommended that I have deep tissue massage therapy and try to be aware of my posture. I do notice that I tend to slump my shoulders forward and thats when I will have the most symptoms. I hope & pray that somehow I can find some relief. Maybe the muscle spasms are compressing & inflaming the nerves which are giving me the symptoms in my chest and rib area. The epidural gave me some terrible hot flashes that still havent quite gone away. I also had some unexplainable low blood sugar issues for a few days after the epidural. I knew the steroid can cause blood sugar to be elevated in diabetics but never heard of it causing it to drop.
The Dr that I work for has been giving me vicoprofen to take as needed when I just cant stand it anymore. When I take it, thats about the only time I feel alittle relief.
Anyway, it really is helpful to know that Im not alone with these crazy symptoms. Hopefully, one of us will be able find the answer for us all. :) (sorry so long)[/QUOTE]

CHUEHN1,(wrote earlier must not have gone through) OMG, sure sounds alot like my symptoms, dont know if you seen the MRI results I posted at one time,so here is a brief decscription:Osteopenic changes noted in thoracic spine. C5-6Mild broad based posterior disc protrusion without compromising exiting nerve roots, C6-7 Mild hypertrophic changes & minimal disc bulge.Degenerative disc disease and spondylosis also noted in the cervical spine. Do you know if MRI reports specify how for down or what part of spine included in test? This only mentions the T1&2, also it states Axial images obtained from the levels of C3-4, down through C7-T1. So was any images done of C1 & 2, really confused never even thought about it until I read your message. yours seems to show more than mine, although my sister was in pain for 4yrs. had MRI in beginning of problem showed nothing major,much later (years when her problem appeared on another MRI), big problems to, go figure. I am disgusted, going for EMG monday,although Neuro says not expecting anything to show, bone scan of shoulder area tommorrow. Looking into shoulder, which does not explain other symptoms, My chest area,rib(under breast) arm and shoulder,upper back really hurt, can go up neck all the way to hip,all left side. Mostly upper Left torso, numbness & tingling in hand,fingers, sometimes left foot (burning feeling, or hot spots) ,left leg can feel heavy & so forth, pain really starting to radiate in upper to mid back. No bra since May. Went through whole cardiac work up, including heart cath(when it started (approx:21/2 years ago) & again last week. When I moved in my new house,I know for a fact I hurt myself moving in and continued to get bad through work,I am a home healthcare aide,used to do some major lifting & I am not big. Been to so many docs. so many opinions right down to being told to get psych, help, of course now that it is out of control new Docs office paying aliitle attention, I am not really blaming them I just feel they need to listen alittle better. PT pointed out most of problems, totally swelled in neck, shoulder, major & minor Pec. Area & under ribs. Can't tell you how many docs. thought at first it was shingles., interesting thing when ever sugar tested lately in office or ER it was up, said it could be from pain, you ever have yours checked before all this, even though I was on steriod pack, mine was off before that. I will tell you just discovered while I was on steroids still in pain, went in got and extra injection of steroids in hip, along with script for low dose of oxycodone, felt better for couple days, soon as steroid finished (same day) muscle spasms like crazy and pain, has to be the inflammation, doc. just started me on lyrica couple days ago, I also tried the lid.patch,did nothin. Pain really radiating in upper and mid back lately. Off work for now & really worried about my job. First visit with Neuro, seen him all of 2 minutes, never even asked hardly any questions, not even for PT report, not real encougaed there, plan on trying to corner him next appointment. did not even want notes my doc. told me to make (of symptoms & take to him). by the way my cardiac test were slightly abnormal to, mentioned once again maybe pain, be careful it is not your heart, all these meds. & Pain can't possably be good for it, stress to. I am praying for results to. Cannot bare it much longer ruining my life. PT was only one who said with those symptoms has to something Neuro., he sent me back to doc, because could not control swelling & pain, can barely lift my arm most mornings because of shoulder hurts so much, pulls chest area and it is off and running, heart starts racing if not controlled and send my vitals rith off chart. Any of this sound familair to you? PLEASE write back, maybe we can compare & see what happens. Sammy

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