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chk & all, Doc. appointment with Rehab. as expected another test, although I will tell you I took someone with me & I do believe that got me alittle more time & patience. I definantly encourage everyone to keep close eye on their docs. He has asked me every time I went in if an MRI was done of the thoracic area, & he has the answers right in the file. Also I filled out the same papers every time I go in so put down on same meds with exception of what urgent care put me on, well he had to refill pain meds, I took them along to show him I do not abuse or over use them (big concern with docs). So he refilled them with no problem, but then he assumed I was only on those meds, yet on the form I put still on other meds. also, I heard him talking into his recorder listing the meds, don't get why the docs. don't go over the charts before coming or while in the room. I did tell him I have had it with the pain, period. Pain is way out of control after the snapping/popping deal. So going for another MRI this week looking for torn mucsles. After this he said he does not know what to do. Funny thing he keeps asking me if I feel anxiety over anything, well duh! with this pain & the way it is taking over my life I would think that would be normal, was even told that be primary doc. Next visit I am asking him what that has to do with this problem. He knows there is alot of inflammation so I just don't get it. I will tell you all I had a good cry after leaving his office, if nothing shows in this next MRI I am back to square one, & guys this pain is unreal. My job is just hanging by a thread, living in Michigan you do not want to loose your job. There is another test they could do but he said he feels it would be to painful for me, I even told him I would go through it just to find out what is wrong in there but he said no, he thought I would not be able to handle it. So back on steroids for a week (4rth time since may) they won't work, but he said even if it gives me a couple days of relief. This is the second doctor who I have noticed did not refer to the chart & that bothers me when it comes to meds. I will bring it up next monday when I return. He was frustrated, he needs to consider how frustrated I am over all this. I have heard many things about tests not showing everything & so forth I don't know what to think anymore, but with this pain I am at the end of my rope, honestly, so inflamed it hurts to breathe & my breast feels like it is sitting on a shelf my ribs are so swollen. Has to be something in there. Thanks guys, had to vent alittle. Sammy
chab, I am glad I am not the only one who goes through that with the husband, mine to. Makes me feel guilty, but I am not much fun right now. Well went for MRI & was told when I arrived only one area on script from doc. was approved, they said someone should have called me. Talk about being mad! If nothing shows in the area done I am back to waiting, & since the inflammation/pain is in all the areas I can only hope the problem shows in the shoulder area the insuance approved for the mri. Up in the night could not move my neck or arm, my husband could not touch my back aroud the scapula area this morning, all those areas were suppose to be in the mri, including the chest, which is so inflammed it is hard like a rock. The tech.doing the mri had to weight my hand down with a bean bag went into muscle spasms when I laid down & he was afraid the arm would move during the test. Big fun! So I am praying what ever the problem is shows up in the area that the insurance company(that we pay so much for) allowed the mri on. So please everyone wish me luck. Sammy
chk, the facility told me they are seeing this more & more, where the insurance co. wants to have one area done first, then if nothing shows there they usually approve an MRI in the other areas. Stupid, it just wastes time, a problem in one area can cause pain in another, with out looking at all areas where the pain/inflammation exist it can be hard to find the where the actual problem lies. This doc. wants to look at the back scapula area, shoulder & chest(pec. muscle region), small enough area, a problem in any of these areas can cause pain &inflammation in the others. The facility should have called me before the test, I specifically asked them to if they had any problems, thats what makes me so angry. They will be calling to let me know what the insurance co. said & I will be asking if they notified the doctor when the insurance denied part of the MRI, I have seen more & more neglagence lately with medical facilities, you can understand one or even a couple, but heck it is becoming a regular occurance. So we will see what is said. Thanks guys for all you advice & understanding. Sammy

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