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I have suffered back problems for the last 20 years (I'm now 40). My back 'went' playing sport and every year it has 'gone', causing me to be off sick for a couple of weeks and to be in major pain down my left leg. Eventually I lost some of the use of my left foot - but its not too bad - I just can't run.

2 years ago I had a laminectomy (after my left foot went numb and I was bed ridden with pain) and for 18 months afterwards it was great. I had no more problems. Then it 'went' again and I was in really bad pain down my left leg (again). I had an MRI scan and was told that I could opt for surgery (again), this time a discetomy on L4, L5.

I opted for surgery and had it 2 weeks ago. I have read many nightmare stories about the pain after these OPS, but I wanted to add here that I have been fine, with very little pain. Don't read all the horror stories. I was in hospital for 5 days and last week I had my clips removed. I can now walk without pain, I am off my Arthrotec and Gabapentin tablets, I can sit and lie down OK.

I have been signed off for another 4 weeks and must take it easy - no lifting or doing any mad sports, but if anyone out there is frightened - have the OP (I paid a consultant at Hope hospital in Manchester to diagnose the problem - 250).

My only concern is that my GP has just told me that in later life I will get ARTHRITIS in my back. How he knows this for sure I don't know - maybe someone out there can comment. Can I prevent it or is it a timebomb.

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