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Hi all.

Since a car accident almost a year ago (I was hit from behind due to some idiot not watching where he was going) i have had bad back pain. I constantly ache, have burning sensation in upper back between shoulder blades, sharp pain around rib cage and breast bone, making it painful to breathe (almost like a 'heart attck' or something). A few months after the accident i developed Lower back pain also, including pain in buttocks and down legs.
I was getting cramp a lot, especially at night and tingly feelings in my feet. The tinglyness has gone mostly know but am still suffering with pain and cramp like symptoms.
I cannot sit in / on a chair with a high back as it presses on my spine and is very tender and it also gives a squashed, suffocating feelingaround my rib cage.
My back pain wakes me up and i cannot lie on my back for my spine is too tender, and hurts if you press on it.

I had about 11 sessions of Chiropractic treatment Oct - Nov last year, Then i had about 15 sessions of Physiotherapy. Nothing has seemed to help except maybe the Chiropractor with my neck. My neck was the only thing he managed to fix and my headaches went.
I stopped seeing the physio in April after she agreed with me that nothing was helping, although she, like other people (some doctors) was trying to tell me there was nothing wrong with me and she pretty much accused me of it being 'all in my head'.:mad:
I have been on loads of nasty tablets (about 8 different types now) which i have stopped taking due to horrid side effects. I'm better off without them as they didn't help the pain anyway.

I can't do simple household chores without pain shooting through my back, cannot walk far without pains in bum and legs and my leg 'Giving way', and pretty much struggle trying to do anything else. I try to drive and cannot go more than 10 minutes without feeling really sore in my mid back/base of neck.

I eventually managed to get some x rays done about a month ago.

My results read:


I had an x ray on my Lumbar spine also which showed 'narrowing of the spine'
After a VERY long wait, I will be seeing a spinal specialist next week.

Is anyone else suffering with these symptoms / have thoracic disc disease? If so, what have the doctors said? I have no idea what will be suggested to me, or don't even know if i will get better.:confused:
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all for reading.

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