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Still on the same amount of paim meds since the beginning. Was trying to cut down on oxycontin and left hip and leg started with pain its always been the right leg that still bothers me before and after surgery. Yesterday in PT while doing the laying down exercises i tried to lift myleft leg knee to my chest using my hand on knee instead of the usual sheet pull and felt a huge shock of pain in my hip and down my leg. it lasted a few minutes and went away and we went on to other erecises. At the end we tried both legs together holding with a sheet rather than holding with my hands it was a little uncomfotrable so we stopped. Then she tried new exercises holding on to bars and lifting legs like marching and then swinging legs side to side slowly. this was very unconfortable so she said to stop' when Istarted walking i got that bad pain in my hip and leg thank goodness there was a workout bed because i had to lay right down. got all sweaty i was in so much pain. i stayed laying down for 10 minutes or so until the pain eased up. but when i got up i had a very slow walk to the car with my walker and the pt therepist. she said i am not ready to advance on my therepy. She asked if I ever had a hip xray or hip problems. I told her i thought i had a hip problem in my right side when they found out it was my back.Im nervous because the pain in my left leg and hip is still bad and feel like my right leg before surgery. i see thr dr. on th 7th. should i wait or call him. should i cancel pt tommorrow. I HOPE i didnt mess any thing up. Is Hip pain normal in recovery from back surgery. I know other parts of the body sometimes have to take extra load over for the weaker parts????
The surgeon didn't sound very concerned. He said to not do the exercises that cause that degree of pain.He felt an xray wouln't show anything if it was soft tissue so when i have the pain rest, and ice it and see how it is after a few days of PT. That was last week. This week hip and down leg still hurts.Its the same type of pain as before surgery just different side. if I had any numbness or weakness in my leg i would be on his door step but with just pain Ill wait. I just tell the PT when the pain is bad and she does passive lifting to my pain tolerance. I will just wait until the 7th when Isee him. I just don't think they really can understand what you mean without examining you and they are so busy unless its a big danger to effect their surgery they dont care and you can wait. very frustrating but that is just the fact fact of life when you deal with a specialist of any kind. also I tried to cut back on the 10mg of oxycontin at night and AM But had increase of pain and poor sleep.but I did cut the perccet to 2 every 6 hours I just have to keep my brace on when out of bed and limit my standing and walking time. That is another thing I cut back in the drugs and have to cut back on the activity which i need to do more of for healing. I have a lot of questions I will need to be asking the NS on the 7th of sept.
Sorry Jack , your symptoms sound kind of like mine .:( Oh boy the hip pain stinks doesn't it ? I had to laugh when your therapist said you may have hip problems ...My therapist said it was my leg longer than the other ? Said when the surgeon put me together my spine was crooked ?? Hope everything is ok with you and its only temporary pain..

Hi Jack - I am having similar problems, I had the ALIF on June 22nd and still in terrible pain. My pain goes across my back and the worse is my left hip and goes down my leg, sometimes the pain is just unbearable. Went to my surgeron to let him know and he ordered a catscan to see if maybe there is an infection or inflamation from the BMP the put in the titatium cages. I had 2 discs removed and the titatium cages put in with a fusion. I also started aqua therapy and not sure if it is helping me or making it worse. So I know the pain your feeling, I'm on 20mg of oxycotton, 7.50 vicadin and 5 mg of valium and stilll have pain!!!

I think you should let your surgeron know the pain you are having..take care

Can you describe your hip pain? Front? Where femur meets hip? Where hip meets spine? Mid-backside?
Went to see my ns today. pain so bad in left hip and leg I can hardly walk or sit. he said xrays were ok and said the nerves were inflamed.Didn't say from or pt. i tend to think surgery since it has hurt since then and only has got worse sinse pt. and prescrbed LYRICA 50 mg 3 times a day for nerve pain. he said its up to me when i feel good enough to go back to pt. has any one else taken this for hip pain. how long before it works? Did you give pt a rest for awhile.
I take 150 Mgs twice a day of Lyrica didn't notice it working until I stopped it 2 days later. It works for me but not enough. Some people have reactions to it. Your hip pain is nerve pain and thats what this medicine is for. Give it a few days to work. It makes me very tired but still can't sleep.

[QUOTE=fljack1;3178167]It is the wose if I press where the hip area is but it radiates into my buttocks and groin and down my thigh and into my leg , At times it feel like if it could "pop" like a knucke joint it would feel better. It is very painful to lay on my left side.And doing PT is very painful[/QUOTE]

Oh my goodness...we are PILF soulmates!

I have the exact SAME problems as you describe...I just had an SI Injection today hoping that helps...

I have done a few rounds of unconventional PT called 'neural mobilization' with a PT that specializes in chronic pain and after the first two appointments my hip popped the following day and I was felt better for about 15 minutes and then started hurting again. I have noticed that since starting this PT my hip pain has decreased a little bit. In addition I've tried to stop crossing my legs in any way and was told to 'sit like a guy' by my new PT. I did aquatic PT at 3 months up until about a month ago which really helped me build my core strength after the fusion but I feel like I had really hit a plateau and the pain wasn't getting better and my husband who is also a PT really wanted me to go and see his collegue.

Please tell me if you have found anything to help resolve or minimize this's amazing that there are a handful of us on here that have had the same surgery and have the same symptoms with the upper butt to hip to thigh thing...hmmm...yet my neurosurgeon acts like I'm an anomally.

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