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That is the question! Great one. My personal experience seems to show that L5 was the problem prior to SI. Currently my SI seems to be seperating, like a two inch gap on the right side filling in with scar tissue. When I first went to physical therapy, I was crooked. In many ways, some scoliosis, others compensating to combat the pain. My right leg has been roughly 2 inches longer than my right for a long time. Even prior to knowing of back problems. I found this out when I had a pair of slacks altered. They literally had one leg quite a bit longer than the other and I was so angry thinking how stupid that would look and there was no way to correct it other than to have both. Putting them on, I felt so self conscience wearing them but noone knew but me. Now I put on slacks that don't need altering and the right side is visibly shorter than the left so I try to tug tug tug. So, docs say SI problem is after but my leg (They measure the same by the way) says it was a problem first.

Sorry I don't have any scientific answers for you but I thought it at least would give you a laugh. Good luck and I'll check back too as it is truly a very good question.


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