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Re: MRI results?
Aug 26, 2007
123pepper omg: I looked this up as you might have and you are right it's sixth Vertabrea, okay usually there is no complication of this except what i wrote you, and then i looked that up and omg i am so excited as i honestly believe this may be so simple this is what i found out about this:
When spinal anomalies cause back problems
Patients are sometimes told that a spinal anomaly—such as a sixth lumbar vertebrae or an extra sacral bone—has been found on an x-ray and is causing their back problems. However, anomalies such as these in the lumbar spine and sacral spine are simply variants of normal bony architecture and are typically of no consequence. In other words, it would be very rare for an abnormality such as a sixth lumbar vertebra or extra bone in the sacrum to cause back problems.

The one exception to this general guideline is in cases where the last transverse process (a bony protrusion near the vertebra) is partially attached to the sacrum, or “sacralized”. If this bony protrusion is attached to the sacrum, it can create a rudimentary joint (pseudoarticulation) where there shouldn’t be one. The resulting motion in this section of the spine can sometimes be a cause of localized low back pain. This condition can usually be successfully treated without surgery. For instance, an injection of steroid medication at the pseudoarticulation of the transverse process and the sacrum can often be both diagnostic and therapeutic.

Although i cannot undertand fully of all these terms because i'm not sure what this part means?)If this bony protrusion is attached to the sacrum, it can create a rudimentary joint (pseudoarticulation) where there shouldn’t be one)

i am gonna keep searching and arm myself with all this! All i know is the results sitting right in front of me state that this sixth vertabrea is partially sacralized with a broad transverse process connecting to the sacrum, am i right?? This is so crazy if it's something as simple as this!
Love, Monkey

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