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Hi Deb. Most of us are veterans of epidural injections, including me. Other than my very first one.. they were all a piece of cake. My first one I was very swollen one, I believe the doctor was sort of new, and she didnt numb me enough. When I went back for my 2nd injection I was shaking. She asked me if I was cold, and I was but I told her I was scared and 1st time hurt so badly that I could barely walk afterwards and I took me over 20 minutes just to get to my car and it only took 3 minutes max to walk in there. She felt really bad and said she would numb me as best she could and she did a great job. I went to lunch right after and shopped too!

After that, I would go on my own.. have epidural injection and SI joint injections and get off the table and go back to work for the rest of the day. I was sore, but ice pack and some meds helped me get by.

They really aren't too bad and the more you have.. the easier they become.

Lasting.. I can't really say I got much relief from any of mine and ended up having a fusion done.

Come here and vent. We all do and support each other through it. What a better place to talk about your pain other than with people that TRULY understand your pain. People have no clue about pain until they live with chronic pain. And you can't make anyone that hasn't experienced chronic pain understand the difference either. And those that are close to us often feel helpless and know they can't take our pain away. So if you are noticing your hubby being frustrated.. might wanna back off a tad, try and not focus on your pain all the time (even though that is all we can think of) outloud and let your voice be heard here. It really helps in all ways.

It's normal for you to feel down. It takes a lot of inner self to keep positive and stay focused. It has to be learned and it still is a constant battle. The pain, the change in lifestyle, the medication, all has a bearing on our mental outlook. Respect the feelings, just dont let them consume you as it effects everyone that touches your life too.

Never give up fighting to free yourself from the pain and while things may not look or feel so rosey right now.. better days are ahead.

Welcome to our group and keep us posted. We are always here!

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