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[QUOTE=Baybreeze;3182501]Hi, pain in the low back can be caused by many, many things; some minor, some not, so it could be the OA or could be something else. It coudl even be something not back related (for example kidney stones can cause pain in the low back area)

How would you describe the sensation you're feeling? Such as might it be burning, searing, shock-like, electric-like, crampy, achy, sharp, dull, etc.?
Does it feel better or worse in certain positions or with certain movements?

Does the pain seem localized in one area, or does it radiate to other areas?[/QUOTE]

thanks for replying,its a nagging constant ache,like i feel like jumping out of my body to escape only seems to feel better in a hot tub, or moist heat while im laying on my stomache,but then my leg goes to sleep from my siatic nerve.every nerve in my lower back seems frazzeled,but with a horrible ache.

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