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believe me john,i would be the last person to actually reccomend anyone go under the knife,i have had to have five surgeries out of nothing i had any real control over just since 01.BUT what i read was 'protruding,contacting and distorting of the cord and that scares me just a bit for him.the only really good thing i didn't see there was no myelomalacia yet.the leg weakening and feeling like his legs are going to give out just shows an affectation of the nerve flow.honestly,if i didn't actually have SCI right now,i probably wouldn't have even bothered to post on this thread,but man,i never ever have felt the incredible nasty and downright evil sensations and pain like i am since the injury occured.SCI is just an ugly nasty thing to have to live,really have no actual control over what it does or how things feel and the undescribable sensations and perceptionary types of pain and sensation that stem for this are just unreal.i wouldn't wish cord damage on anyone,ever.and of course the disabilities from nerve damage suck.

since this is a relatively newer injury,i do agree that more conservative measures should be at least tried first,always,before any real surgery is even considered.but given that cord contact,even PT is going to be a bit iffy as far as possible danger to the cord.if this were much further up in the T spine and better protected from twisting and bending,it probably wouldn't make me quite as nervous as it would be a bit more "splinted"?.given the size of this man and the weight displacment that occurs upon twisting and bending,it will cause the contact to just be a more irritated area and possibley start myelomalacia to begin and progress.that would also be a big worry.i guess i just see this a bit differently because of my condition.

what really worries me most is that this is a WC injury.they are going to be pushing him to get back to work as soon as possible and that in and of itself could casue even further damage.WC docs are just of a very different mindset than seeing your own surgeons or this situation,it does not help alot.this is just a crappy posistion to be in.for alot of reasons.

i am wondering about the "burning golfball between your shoulder blade thing"?have you ever had an MRI done up inthe c spine area?since you do already have one confirmed hemangioma down in the lower spine,it wouldn't hurt to have the upper spine checked out need to find out what is actually causing that upper back pain.just what exactly IS a "schmorls node"??just a suggestion.i do wish you lots of luck with all of this.please keep us posted.marcia

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