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Hi all,
My unstable SI Joint means that after I get out of bed in the morning, by the time I take a few steps, I can feel that I have shifted out of place. But while laying there before I get up, I feel good. Here's what I've learned and am trying. I'd appreciate any input on similar problems!

I always wanted to know why I couldn't maintain a correction overnight. If I get myself corrected so that my left hip isn't tilted forward, then go to bed, I can be sure I'll be out after rising in the AM.

I had tried sleeping in every position, supported and unsupported in every combo & size of pillows & wedges. I have done this in more than one bed and on the floor and couch. I've tried sleeping in a recliner even. I've even tried sleeping just 4 hours and then getting up to work out before the next 4 hours of rest. No luck. Also, none of my docs or PTs could advise why this happens, except one said that my muscle strength wasn't high enough in the resting state. Let me tell ya, after 6 mos of diligent therapy, no one's glutes and core are stronger, so that eventually lost it's merit as a theory. Especially since I'm not "out" until I stand.

I emailed an SI Joint PT that I discovered on the web who worked on SI Joints for 30 yrs. He said that since my ligaments are lax due to the injury, that when I get up, the weight of my torso is too much for my ligaments to hold, so I go out. uhg. And then getting back in is a beast for many people, even those armed with a million at-home-correction exercises. So there goes the day....

This AM, instead of standing right away, I went from laying down to sitting, so I'm pnly in a slightly upright position for awhile, while also working my core and glutes while sitting here typing. It worked for about 30 min, as I was staying "in", but then I got up to heat coffee and I think I'm out. Any suggestions?

Hi G, Happy Labor Day.
When I'm "out", a position as reclined as you describe is impossible. I can sit more upright, or lay down. When upright, either full perfect posture with all 90 degree angles, or in a lazy boy or desk chair with a slight lean. More than that and I will be right in the position that tugs on my crooked parts the most.

History (will try to be brief). Injured while either weightlifting doing lunges with heavy weight, or forward bends. Saw chiro for 2 mos (2 diff ones) and no manipulations helped. Probably hurt, now that I know my ligaments are so lax; their hip adjustments included a twisted position that had to have taxed my ligaments.

I have since learned
a.) I am hypermobile in hips, so was predisposed to such an injury,
b.) My monthly menstrual cycle affects it, as the relaxin hormone that is present from ovulation to end of cycle is a ligament relaxer (for us to prep for birth - not needed here!),
c.) PT helps some folks, probably mostly male. Each month when my hormones kick in, the progress I made is negated. I am VERY strong in the core now, and I maintain great form and posture in life - am still "out" much of the time.
d.) I have a herniated L5S1 like so many of us. Either the disc was injured by a waist torque-ing move, which stretch my iliolumbar ligament (connect hip to lumbar region), or I torqued my hip & the ligament pulled on the vertebra, causing the bulge. Doesn't matter which is the origin, as the ligament is now stretched as you describe and won't heal cuz I can't stay corrected.

I'm getting an ESI this week I think (see the doc Wed). That will either lessen the inflammation that my DOs think are preventing my from staying in (I doubt this greatly), or this will convince my DOs I am right & the ligament is the issue. If I'm right, an SI Injection will likely be their next prescription, and that will convince them so that I can try prolotherapy.

I found a great PT for SI Joints; he has tons of info on the web on a sacroiliac frequently asked questions page. Everything I learn on the web randomly is then confirmed by his collection of data, so although I am trying to be open minded that my current docs know what they are doing, I'm inclined to believe I need my rubberbands prolo-ed to try to get some collagen building.

Talking to you and Gracefulone has helped me feel "right" instead of feeling like a dumb patient that surfs the web too much & tries to self-diagnose.
Everything I read, EVERYwhere says that MDs are not trained to believe the pelvis moves, and only some DOs believe it, so finding a docs who agrees that your sacral ligaments are the issue is key.

I can tell you that my PT mention the possibility that some day I may need a "pin" in my pubic symphysis. That's where your pelvis meets at the bottom, in front, at your groin. I think he thinks that permanently attaching the two innominates (hip bones) there would create stability. He said he had one patient who did it with success. I'm not going near surgery discussion for a long time, but I wanted to share the info with you.

Happy Labor Day! Don't labor!

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