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Re: Uh-oh
Sep 12, 2007
Yvette, I'm sorry to hear you are having problems again. Just when we think it's behind us, something pops up and bites us on the ... ankle... I had a fusion at L3-4 because of severe nerve compression and spondy. Recovery went great, the horrible burning pain was gone and I thought I was going to have a whole new lease on life.

Well, in April, I started noticing a kind of burning in my calves when I sit. Slowly it got worse, then ended up being in the back of my thighs. I tried everything I knew, pain meds didn't help. Saw my pm 2 weeks ago and he thought it was inflammation from all the hardware that was put in and he did a caudal. Oh yeah, the day before the caudal, my right leg went numb and prickly. Only lasted about 5 minutes tho. So he did the caudal and it was amazing how much relief I was getting, particularly on the right side. But now, the left thigh in back is burning a bit which I can tolerate, but I'm having more and more often, episodes of the leg and/or foot going numb and tingly. It just makes me crazy. I see my ortho spine spec on Monday and will see what he thinks. I 'smell' a myelogram coming my way darn it. Can't have an MRI because of the intrathecal pump.

So I guess, for some of us, it never ends. It just waxes and wanes and never goes away. I can take the pain, but I loathe the numbness. I'm just praying I don't have to have the hardware out already. But............

Take care of you and be good to yourselves.


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