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Wasn't sure where to post, so many threads pertaining to my situation.
Anyway, I am the one with scar tissue showing on MRI after 11-12 weeks post laminectomy. Just had my EMG this AM (wasn't horrible but not fun either) and shows permanent nerve damage on the right and nerve irritation on the left. The doc that did the EMG said that nerves can regenerate but very slowly over years. He said they would never rejuvenate down into the arch of my foot and toes (which hurt the worse). I don't see my doc again until Tuesday to go over the results. So all you long time back patients help me please!!! What happens now??? I hurt my back at work and am on W/C. I am an RN but now out of the ICU doing sedentary work in Medical Records full time, no patient care:( I am taking Darvocet for pain and on my 3rd steroid course. How do they treat nerve damage? The EMG doc said they will probably do steroid injections. Will they help with nerve damage? Will I be able to exercise or not? Will I have limitations since the nerve damage is already done, or will my limitations be based solely on my pain? Will I be able to go back into nursing? It seems some of you are working and some on disability. Anyone else have these two issues? Sorry to fragment here but I'm a person who hates being out of control of my life and boy am I out of control:dizzy: Input please!!
[B]The only thing I have found to help with my nerve pain is the spinalcord stimulator and for me its only a small amount of relief . I'm sorry you have this problem too. Injections didn't help me but may work for you ?

Good Luck[/B]
At what point in the recovery period do they start looking at spinal cord stimulators? That sounds like the "big guns"! Is this a long time after steriod injections? When I see the doc next week I'm sure the next treatment will be an injection. Thanks for input!

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