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dp1234, I understand your frustration. The people on this board only try to help the best we can. We get our knowledge from our personal doctors, as well as info we are able to gain on our own. We can only speak from our own experiences. The questions you have should ALL be discussed with your surgeon. If he is not able to give you informative answers, look for another surgeon. The first surgeon I seen was not giving me a detailed explanation of my condition, procedure, and prognosis. I went to a different surgeon who came highly recommended and he gave me all the info I needed.

Your original question was of peoples experience from a microD surgery. This surgery is most effective with leg pain. If you type microdiscectomy in the search engine you can confirm this. Now, you say you have a large extruded herniation at L5/S1. I had the same condition. Early in my dealings with this problem I DID have pain to my lower back. Most of the pain was at my lower back with little to no pain on my leg. Over the years the pain changed, shifted to my leg. All backs are different, but my GUESS is that if you have the herniation at the same level as I did, then eventually you may experience a shift from the lower back pain to the leg. At least that is what happened in my case

What you need to remember is you may have other disc's, levels, that may be causing problems in addition to your L5/S1 herniation. Are you degenerated at other levels? These are answerer you need to know. But common sense tells me you need to have that piece of extruded disc removed. So the million dollar question is.... Will it alleviate your pain? Well, my disc was impinging on my nerve root, which seems to be the common place of pain. Your disc is probably impinging higher up on your spinal canal, probably causing you lower back pain. So it just may be the right procedure for you to get better. And a microdiscectomy is its own procedure. I believe a laminectomy is a slightly different procedure where they open up your back slightly more. Why you may need 3 procedures in one should be addressed to your surgeon. Good-luck.

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