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Re: Tulip..
Sep 14, 2007
No..Tulip you did not scare me. I know that everything or procedure works different for everybody.

Actually I did not know I had back problem. I was sitting in my chair at work and I had a horrible, painful, black out pain coming from my left groin area. I thought.... female problem. After ultra sounds, blood tests, ct scan, laporscopy looking for endo and even a colonoscopy just for fun :D I have been on antidepressants, IBS meds everything under the sun. This "groin" pain started in Dec 2006 and back pain did not surface till April. So I never thought it was my back.

In April this year I also had a not sure what but there is a small hard bump appeared in the groin area crease. I have had Dr's say hernia or lymphnode to some saying it is in my head. I have been to hernia specialist and not one Dr can tell me what it is to this day.

The only Dr who I trust this far is the Pain Doctor. He ordered an MRI and I have a bulge in S1, L5 with degeneration of hips and lower spine. He did not know what was causing the groin pain since there are no nerves that showed to be affected. I went to a nuerologist and no nerve problems but thinks that it my back and deffering to my groin. He says I have hips of a 70 yr old woman.

So here I am and now the Pain Doc wants to do this procedure. I have pain daily. I cannot sit for long and when I do sit I have a heating pad on my back. I take Naproxen, Vicoden, Zanaflex and Flexeral. All at the age of 36...I take more meds than my parents!!!! I work out daily, suffer with the pain and by the end of the day I am on so many pain meds and in pain....I am just a joy for my hubby!!! :D

I just started reading your experience with the radiofrequency and wondered if you got relief!!

Sorry about the short novel but I hope maybe someone has had this kind of pain. The Dr's really are stumped!!! And so am I!!

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