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[QUOTE=meljo;3206923][B]Hi I decided to post here instead of urology..
when I was 13 I fould out the my vertabra number 5 was deformed... I wore a back brace for a couble of years and it never bothered me again... well Iam now 37 and having lots of lower back pain and also since march I have had 6 Uti's. Having a catscan and cryscope next month.
but does anyone think that this could some how be related? when I get a uti it is never because of the usuall symptoms it is always becouse my lower back hurts so bad... almost a burning , throbbing feeling...
Thanks so much for listening... Meljo[/B][/QUOTE]

Hi meljo, I can see where you are coming from, i have been in pain for nearly two years with my back ,an x ray showed cracks to my lumber no5 on both sides, i also suffer bad leg pain and cant even remember when i last had a full nights sleep, the hospital have failed to tell me whats wrong and i am unable to work ,so have been off for a year now. I was interested in your post as i have also been suffering with uti's this past year and had never had one prior to this , i think im on my 5th in the last six months, please let me know if you find a link with your tests, as my GP just treats and asks no questions, also out of interest my colestorol has risen to 7.75 for no apparent reason in the last six months ,so am being treated for this now as well. Good luck with tests. sus42

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