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dietdrpepper, I'm not really sure exactly what my MRI showed. The doctor asked the girl (I'm assuming a nurse) in the patient room where I was and she rattled something off, and I think that's what she said (the t4 and t5) but maybe not. My problem is in my lower back. I honestly don't know if it showed nerve compression but I'm kind of assuming that. The next time I go I'm going to ask for a copy of my results. I don't have a scheduled appointment though. He prescribed the neurontin and I'm waiting to get the paperwork in the mail from them to send to the drug company so I can fill out my part and send it in and get the medication. I hate having to wait but whaddya do?! :confused:

I also don't know if the orthopedic doctor is a spinal surgeon, but even if he is, my doctor at the free clinic doesn't recommend surgery. After reading on here about people being worse after surgery, I don't think I'd want it anyway. I hope that orthopedic doctor gives more answers than the other doctor has so far and has more of a solution. I really am tired of living with this pain. I'm so depressed. I wake up nights from being in pain and then feel dead tired the next day, and this goes on every night now. I can tell that it's getting worse because I could at least sleep a year ago.

So what if I do go for epidural injections and they don't plan on doing them under guided imaging? I doubt if they'd do it if I'd demand it, and my appointment would be cancelled and I'm back to square one basically. I'm hoping that they will have that though. I sure hope they spray numbing stuff in my back because after having a spinal tap about ten years ago, I think I have an aversion to having someone sticking needles in my back. I honestly think I could make myself sick if I'd think about that experience long enough. It was absolutely horrible, and nobody ever had to talk to me again about having a spinal tap done..uh uh! There was so much pressure in my back, my legs were shaking, oh gosh, I hated it! I was drenched in sweat by the time I got out of there. The spinal tap was to rule out having I forget what as the reason for my headaches. Then I had a horrendous spinal tap headache that would go away. I couldn't sit up or my head felt like it would explode. So the doctor ordered caffeine IV on an outpatient basis at the hospital. I ended up having some kind of reaction and thought I was having a heart attack. I ended up down in the ER and was screaming because my head hurt so bad and I was throwing up and I can't remember when I felt more awful than that time. So now I will just put up with my headaches. I've always had them and it's not like they're debilitating, just annoying. They aren't anything near like the migraines I got after having that spinal tap done.

So you're saying that if I have epidurals, I'll actually feel worse for a week? :( I hope that I will feel better after that, but I guess how long it will last is probably anyone's guess or even if they do help my back, huh? I don't even know if these epidurals would be paid for since we don't have insurance. I don't know how much the free clinic and hospital is willing to put in me moneywise.

I had started going to a chiropractor in I think about 1990 or 1991 for backaches and I wonder now if it was this all along. My back got better though after I went to see him. I can't afford to go to him anymore. I just hope that having him work on my back didn't make it worse in the long run.

I am specific when I tell the doctor about my back and he asks me exactly where it hurts and if anything makes it better. I'm honest and say no, nothing, not tylenol, tylenol with codeine, ultram er, bengay, ibuprofen...NOTHING. I'd at least have a ray of hope if something would make it better. I didn't expect to get to this point until I was about 80, but I'm only 51 and feel like I'm falling apart. I can't walk for long, stand for long, lay for long, sit down for long. It's hell, and it's horrible to wish you'd just die and get it over with because I get the feeling that nobody knows that they're doing and I'm not going to live with this pain the rest of my life. I already take antidepressants from being depressed for years over my general life. Can't tolerate jobs, can't get social security or supplemental, no insurance, no savings, we can barely get the bills paid, filed for bankruptcy, my parents are aging and that's on my mind. Our son and daughter had to put themselves through college (son flunked out but still has to pay on loans) because we never had the money. I feel like a total failure and I'm sure this probably adds to my back problems. I'm always aching almost everywhere. I think I have arthritis too because my hands hurt, but I haven't even mentioned that because I'm already on about 8 different meds for various things including asthma, allergies, GERD, the back problems, depression, anxiety and panic. Now all this disc stuff is getting me even more upset.

Thanks for helping and sorry that I feel so hopeless.

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