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[B]"Wow, it sounds like you've gone through a lot. Was this over a period of some years? I've had back pain for around 15 years, but at least it used to come and go, but now it's with me all the time. So your surgery helped you then, I hope? Thanks again for explaining things. "[/B]

Comeon: My back disintegrated over a period of about 3 1/2 years until I was diagnosed with severe lumbar central canal stenosis, 2 herniations (one was torn). The herniations caused sciatic nerve pain and the stenosis caused neurogenic claudication pain. My back pain started out of the blue in maybe June of ' wasnt constant but I had what I know now as spasms. I would get flare ups constantly, and it would feel like the bones in my rear was hurting. I think I had the x-ray sometime in '04 ( i hadnt complained about it to my rheumy until then). I think in Feb '05 I finally had an MRI b/c my pain got so bad I was literally sick to my stomach, plus I could no longer walk upright & was lucky to walk as little as 30 feet or so before I couldnt go on anymore. I went almost a year in this pain, had epidurals (which helped my sciatic pain but not any stenosis pains)...I really could not even bear it anymore, and I had to get to work everyday somehow in this pain. I had many humiliating moments. I finally had surgery ..OMG today is my 1 year anniversary! I had it last Sept 21st. They did laminectomies to cut away alot of bone off my spine, cut away some of a ligament in there, not sure if they cut away any disc material. I was so overcome with happiness when I got out of the hospital bed and was able to stand tall again. I still have arthritis in my spine, so surgery cant do anything for that pain. I still have degenerative disc disease and keep getting herniations and bulges, but I knew my surgery could not cure that. My surgeon explained it all to me. But I am still soooo happy I did it becaue I can walk like a normal human being again...I also have some other issues, so I cant walk for too long (maybe 45 minutes max) but at this point, that will just have to do!

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