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[QUOTE=TripleR;3214545]14 week ago, I had a laminectomy at L4,L5. Recovery has been pretty good. I went back to work within three weeks (sedentary job) and am up to walking 1/2 hour a day, 1/2 hour on the elleptical machine, some light exercises. After a stumble off a sidewalk, and then a week-long project at work that kept me immobilized in my chair, my left leg below the calf is tingling and burning, the knee is numb, my left hip hurts as it did with sciatica. My doctor told me this wouldn't happen again. I am in agony and anxiety-stricken. What gives?[/QUOTE]

Hi There,

I was experiencing excruciating pain shooting down my right leg for almost a year. I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve at L5/S1 and it was recommended that I have surgery (by multiple physicians). I had a laminectomy on August 9, 2007 and as of today I am experiencing the same level of pain in my right leg as I did prior to my surgery---no relief! In addition I am now experiencing unbearable nerve pain in my right ankle and foot. My foot is so sensitive that it hurts without my even moving it! I'm still walking with a cane as I was prior to my surgery, but now I can't walk as far as before with my cane due to the "new" pain in my foot.

According to my physician (whom I saw today), I should be more active than I am by this time and he feels that I am being a baby. I've dealt with the pain of RA for the past 13 years so I am no stranger to pain and I don't consider myself a baby----I'm REALLY hurting.

I plan on making some phone calls on Monday to get a second opinion, but I'm interested in knowing if any of you have experienced the same and have any advice for me?????

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