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Hi, i'm sorry you're in such pain. I had laminectomies at L3 to L5 last Sept. for central canal stenosis from bone overgrowth. But I keep getting disc bulges & herniations. I was great for about 5 or 6 months after surgery. Then I got unbearable sciatic pain in my left leg & foot. After 3 months, I had a nerve block at L5 and it really helped (so I guess they got the right spot). Then 3 weeks after my nerve block, i got horrible nerve pains into both my hips and groin on both sides. This last 2 to 3 weeks & actually pretty much went away on it's own. I didnt see the doc for this last bout, but I knew I had to be at least one herniation, as per my past experiences.

Before my surgery, I was told my surgery should basically help the claudication pain I had from stenosis, but would not help any arthritis pain or issues from degenerative disc disease. He even told me there's a chance that I might get stenosis in other parts of my spine or even again in the same area down the road. Well, it's been almost a year since my surgery and I already have some new bone overgrowth in some areas. It's getting more so in my facet joints. My doc did explain that after laminectomy, the spine is less stable, so it's more prone to fracture (he told me to be careful due to this), and the surrounding discs & vertebrae will have more stress on them because there's less bone for support; and this can cause more herniations, and more problems with other vertebral levels. If you think about it, it makes sense. So my doc explained all of this before my surgery & made sure I understood that my procedure was basically to relieve my back of legs pains, and it is not meant to help back pain. But I couldnt even walk anymore, so I didnt care, and I am still very glad I finally had the surgery. It did help my most horrible pains and I can walk more normal again.

Another thing that can be causing your nerves to be pinched could be scar tissue from surgery. I found out I have alot of scar tissue, which makes it worse when its around the discs & they herniate. Then they are pushing hard scar tissue into nerves......:::;;faint:::::::

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