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Re: Back problem
Sep 24, 2007
Hi. NO CHIROS!! They are not doctors, and can't even perscribe an xray even if you did need one.

From what you are describing, you have a spine injury of some form, ie- feeling it into your hips now and also your leg and hobbling around like an old person. (This sounds like a possible disc herniation) and at the very least some serious swelling around the spinal cord. You need an MRI. an xray isn't going to help in this regard.

I would call that doctor and insist on a referral, period. And while you are at it.. if needed, make another appointment with him, explain your level of pain has escalated, ask for pain medication, and insist on the referral. (I am stunned he didnt at least give you a prednisone "medrol" pack to immediately reduce inflammation).

If this is your only resource for a referral, push push and be more pushy. The squeaky wheel gets the grease when it comes to health care. You must speak up for yourself and not take no for answer. IF this doctor is the type to rush in, out, doesnt let you speak.. stop him in his tracks. Such as, "excuse me.. I need your attention. I have XX, it's gotten increasingly worse since X, and I need medical attention/help. Please refer me to an orthopaedic surgeon that can evaluate my lower spine. I can barely walk now. And my pain level is never below X and often is X.

You can also take yourself to the ER if you pain level continues or escalates. This may also be a resource to getting an MRI and some pain medications. If you go to the ER, don't get into the problems with the doctor not referring you. I would leave it to him taking the xray and nothing showed broken at the time, but since your pain level has increased and now in hips and can barely walk. Don't complain about your doctor there.. wrong forum.

keep us posted.

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