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Wow! That sounds like a very scary experience, and really just a freak thing to happen. I'm sorry you've had to go through this!

Unfortunately, your life is forever changed. You need to remove roller coaster from your vocabulary. For a fusion patient, you're just inviting injury to the levels above what's already fused. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Once you've had a fusion, there's really no getting around needing to modify your life. You'll probably always have to take breaks if you're going on a long drive, always need to get up and walk around after you've been sitting for a length of time, take a break and sit down if you've been on your feet for a time, etc.

A big part of this will be accepting that this is your life now. With good strength training and education, you can probably improve, but you will always have limitations that you'll need to take into account with whatever you're doing. It sounds like you could use a good physical therapist to help you figure out how to do everyday things a little differently and also to help you understand WHY you have pain doing certain things. For me, it was eye opening to have my therapist explain that when all the lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum are fused, sitting will inevitably cause pain. Even if you sit bolt upright, a tiny bit of movement is needed for sitting. Once that's taken away, there will be pressure with sitting and it's going to hurt. I had a therapist who had been through a fellowship and also had additional specialized training in orthopedics. She was a master at troubleshooting basic life problems for me and really helped me to understand the why's behind my problems so I can troubleshoot on my own now.

There's much to hope for, but you're going to have to get used to the idea that your old life is gone. Make the most of your new life. Everything is different now, but that doesn't mean that life can't be good. Your outlook has a lot to do with it. You may have to go through a period of grieving, working through denial and anger, etc., but that's okay. We've all had to do that. I am determined, though, that even though I can never do a lot of things I wish I could do, there's still much that I CAN do, and I'll make the most of what I've got.

Hang in there and don't give up. Come back and post your frustrations and questions. Someone here will probably have gone through similar things and can try to help you. We're not doctors, just ordinary people who have back problems and can share from our own experiences.

I wish you the best,
Emily :wave:

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