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Thank you so much! My heart is with you, also, with such severe problems and pain. You are living what is my worst nightmare, and evidently your own before you began this whole thing. I said 6-8 weeks, too, because I thought I was so tough. Haha - no, there are some things we just can't do. I had my checkup today, and he says the cages & rods & screws are all in place, so that is good. However, I told him I can't sit all day, because I've tried sitting longer and longer times, like 45 minutes, then have to get in bed. I feel better because he is going to help me to get sick leave pool until the first of February. They told me they won't be firing me as long as they are paying the leave pool, though my FMLA is up the end of this month, if I were to be approved. (I should get that one in writing.) No insurance is what scares me about disability, because we sure couldn't pay the $1200 a month COBRA. I wouldn't even get that much disability! People have stories that end well, because I met them, so maybe a couple more months will get me there, and I will follow the rules.

I hate to hear you are in so much pain. Why don't these pain meds work? Mine work in bed, but sitting is no fun. I have Vicodin & Xanax, and I can get comfortable in bed, but then fall asleep because of the Xanax. The Vicodin needs to Xanax to work, apparently, because it's not much good by itself. The Dr.'s nurse, who has 2 level fusion, said I need to take both, because they work together. It makes me so sad to think you can't get comfortable sometimes. Maybe they could put a pain pump in your back, or something - anything - to give you relief. I tried to do a longer walk holding on to a shopping cart, accompanying my husband to the store the other day. A man came up to me, asking about my brace. He has 8 levels of disk degeneration, and he doesn't want surgery because he is 80 and wants to fish a little longer - afraid it will completely incapacitate him. He was sent to a pain clinic, and they told him to take Motrin and do back exercises - !!! I gave him my regular MD's name, told him to go, because he will not let him hurt like that and tell him to go to the drugstore and buy some Motrin. One would not think that's the "treatment" you get at a pain clinic. So you are looking at 4-level fusion, and he is basically unrepairable with 8. What am I complaining about? God bless you, and I pray for your relief from your pain and that your surgery goes well.

Thank you again. Please take care of yourself. ~~ Cheryl

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