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You all know that I suffer from back pain...which originated after a major fall 5 yrs. ago. At that time, I also created a far lateral herniation at C5/ well as other minor took 1 1/2 yrs. to get the neck fixed...the lateral herniation didn't show up on any of the mri's, tests, emgs, etc. The low back/leg/foot/toe pain and numbness has had a lot of names...from several doctors... geez...herniations...arthritis....facet this new piriformis syndrome... Yup...have to have a new name for the same old pain. My emg said that there was a problem at L5/S1... and I have all of the symptoms of L5...but the lateral herniation there is not bad enough supposedly to cause the symptoms and pain.... The new neurosurgeon says that the stuff wrong is not enough for surgery...and he thinks that the periformis is the now another mri...which is for exclusion...rather than diagnosis... AND I GET TO PAY FOR THIS EXCLUSION....yikes...just had an MRI in I am still paying for that one well as other all know what I mean. This has been 5 years....and I am on major pain meds... I asked the new neuro. about the meds...he said that from looking at me..he would say I have the pain...that I don't appear to be basically a drug seeker... Well now isn't that just special. Guess I am having just a grumpy day! Thinking about all of the different diagnosis...and all of the epidurals...various injections/blocks, and all of those expensive mri's etc...and the fact that none of that has basically changed anything...still in the same boat several years later...and that boat is no where near the beach...oh well.
Thanks for letting me be grumpy...I do hope you all have a good day...


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