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chab,doc. appointment went ok, no yelling this time. also no injection, said it would be kind of a waste with this bronchitis & cough. There is this area in the chest (pectoral mucsle) that he believes has been injured. The tendons in the shoulder & scapula are inflammed & nerves & all that good stuff being interfered with. Sent me back to PT, the PT said I am majorly infammed all the way up to collar bone & down past scapula. The swelling in the back region is pushing the scapula up towards the shoulder & the inflammation is interferring with my ability to inhale properly on the left side,the lung does not expand like the right, he said can't even see the upper ribs when I take a breathe in vs. the right side due to the inflammation. Shoulder area same, all inflammed, he was actually shocked at how much inflammation there is. Put my arm back in a sling, said does not even want the weight of the arm on the scapula/shoulder area. he has only seen 2 to 3 people with this kind of thing going on, said it is extemely rare, doc said the same very rare to find someone with that area injured. I am back in major pain, I can get another injection next monday. I am worried how long will it help. Last one only helped for one week. That scares me. I was in total muscle spasm when I got to pt yesturday. I am a mess, I have this very rare problem, a dual personality doc. & a confused & shocked pt. It has got to get better. What do you think about the injection? Could the second one last longer? Sammy
Chab, you got it about the family thing, I did spoil them. My sisters that would help out more live in another state, figures. I do have some disc issues in my c-spine & the start of DDD. Not enough to cause all these problems I am having. Pt last week did not go well, felt alittle worse every day after. Heck I give up trying to figure all out, thought pt may help at first. Went to doc. yesturday morning, thank god, I was in so much pain. The doc. definantly knew I was in major pain. Gave me two more injections, could barely get the needle in the shoulder cause I was in such spasm, he asked how could I even sleep at night with this going on. I was so infalmmed it was going up my throat & could not touch in between the ribs. I felt totally nausated. Boy did the injection hurt in the shoulder. Doc. kept asking if I was going to faint (think he has been watching dancing with the stars with Marie Osmond fainting) I told him just hurry with the injections. I did feel some of the inflammation go down slightly, although not enough to get rid of the pain. Keeping my fingers crossed it wil get better this week, he said no pt this week & if no changes he is referring me to another doc. Great, start all over again. I just can't figure it out. He also wanted me to try sleeping in a chair so I will not even roll onto the left side, tried last night, ended up on the couch & barely slept, neck ended up sore, but will give it another try tonight. All I can do is do what I am told & see if it works, going to try to control my obsessive/compulsive (ha) behavior towards my house this week & take it easy, see if that makes differance. I am beyound desperate now. This doc. does not advocate pain meds but he said in my case he wants me to try to control the pain as much as I can, I really knew he understood my pain level when he said that. I hate pain pills & take the smallest dose, but he said to take them that I could be tensing up more due to the pain & that will just make matters worse. I must admit I am getting worried that nothing keeps this inflammation down. I so want to feel better for the holidays. At this rate I may sneak a pre made dinner in & mess up the kichen to pretend I made it. My family would know with the first bite. I wish some more people would hop on this post with these symptoms. Do any more research into surgery? I noticed a couple people feeling better on the board, that is great & gives me some hope. I hope it is contagious. How long did you injections take to kick in & how long did they last? Keep your fingers crossed for me. Talk to you soon. Sammy

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