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I am 54 – my weight is now 197 down from 214. I exercise each day. I eat well. In 2006 I had lower back pain and was sent to have x-rays. I was advised that a couple of disks had shading. Over the years – I have worked outside – come inside for lunch – and after resting – felt like I could not get up – and had pain. Hot baths – heating pad – and rest cleared it up in a few days. The 2000 x-rays were destroyed by the hospital. Over the past couple of years I started YMCA weight machines added to my work out – which helped however high BP required me to lose weight and do more for my heart – which I have done. So at present I run on the machines 5-7 days per week.

Problems with my back have been about the same – off and on. Being able to work out on an elliptical for 30 minutes and walk away – and then later having intermitted back pain with periods of rest, hot water, and heating pads to correct it.

Spring forward to last Thursday. I got up from my desk at work and as it often did – my back hurt and I had to walk a crooked walk leaning over a little to the right to make it not hurt. From Thursday until Sunday – it hurt and I continued to rest and use heat.

This morning I woke up to fix breakfast for my three kids – and felt ok when I got up. I reached over to pick up a pan – and was hit with suck a sudden pain that I nearly screamed. For 30 second I could not move – fearing that if I did it would happen again. I made it to the floor. After a few minutes I was able to get up and help some with getting them out the door. After a heating pad for 20 minutes I was off to work. I am in my chair now with the pad behind me.

I have no idea what causes this. I worked Sunday at church in the new born area – was a little sore – but fine. At home yesterday it hurt – but not bad. Today I woke up fine – but bending over – just about made me pass out. Now in my chair at work – it hurts less – but I feel it like it is just around the corner waiting for me to make a wrong move. It hurts – it radiates around the kidneys and even makes my testacies hurt. (sorry about having to say that). (I just had a physical including blood work –urine tests – chest x-ray – everything was fine. I know if I rest – this will calm down. What scares me is that this morning’s pain was worse by far than anything I have ever felt. If I had been on a latter I would have fallen. If I was holding a baby – I am not sure if I would have fallen or not. If I was driving – I am not sure what would have happened. So I am scared.
Has anyone out there every had this happen? Any idea what this could be?

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