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always go by your gut instinct.
alot of people I've come across in my life who've said what you just said, about feeling like there's something going on, most of them were right on their hunches.
when was the last time you went for a gyno check up? do you go for your yearly?
If not, I would highly recommend that you do. espeically being you've had prior ovarian cysts. I'm shocked that the dr never followed up with you about the cyst after you had your child.
I would also listen to the recommendation of using the stool at your feet so your lower back is supported while sitting for lengthy periods.
also, stretching and doing light excersises to strengthen your abdominal wall and pelvic wall will also improve weakened muscles which improve back support. If you've had recent abdominal surgery, or any type of abdominal surgery, the adhesions inside can pull and make your back hurt too. I was told to massage my scar where I had my surgery back in 2005.
a physical therapist told me this.

I recommend you see a dr as soon as possible, this way they can treat what ever is going on now rather than later before the problem gets worst.
please keep us informed of your update.
I'm very concerned for you and am intrested in finding out what this is.

good luck hon,
go to the doctor!

ps- I was just told by my coworker that it's also good for your back to put the back rest at an angle instead of straight up. the medical dr's are just finding this out.

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