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Dear support team, you have all been so great and i just want to update you per getting and old bone scan i had when i started getting really bad. It states that i have/had : The anterior images demonstrate subtle increased activity anterior aspect of the left Si joint. In review of the plain films, the corresponds to Pseudoarthrosis of transitional segment at L-5-S1 on the left. Suble activity left SI joint probably related to transitional L5 segment with partial sacralization. There os only mild activity at this location , and not clearly pathologic. However, this could be a spurce of pain.

Now I was just fully awarded SSI today and thier records they got interprets that i have arthritis of the lumbar spine. (other things also)Is that what this means? Is it fixable and why wouldn't these dr.s tells me this along with everything else? This can tottally be diliberating right?
I have a had a pretty good day, but am frustuarted with theses things, as it's not understandable, as i was told when i had a hip exray and they said if i had arthritis in the hip that i could be in trouble, whats the difference here. I am happy because i can findly take care of my family but yet confused at these findings as it should not have been ignored and the dr. stating this should have figured out a way for me to get relief along time ago, i mean arthritis is big right? Okay i'm done rambling and i thank you for taking time for me!
Love Monkey
123PEPSI, maybe you can help me out some with this interpertation as you read what i posted on my recent MRI

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