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Since I am a child (now 35 years old), everytime I have to go to the bathroom (bowel movement) hours before my lower back on the left side will kill me. When I am finally able to release --my back pain pretty much goes away till the next time. If I ate a big meal--it could take a day and a half to for the pain to go away.

I just got tested to see if I have celiac's disease, could it be related or could it be something else?

The pain is actually before I actually go to the bathroom. It isn't exactly on my spine it is on the lower left side of my back. Also, I just had my small intestine biopsy, but not sure if the back pain is related to anyother condition. Until I found this gastrointerologist--all they would say is that I don't eat correctly (like too many sweets etc) but I don't eat that stuff. I did have my gallbladder removed last year, but I had the back pains way before any gallbladder problems and now after. ugh

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