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[QUOTE=Reyne;3265872]Thanks for the reply's!! I have had 2 ct (chest & abs)scans and nothing. I had laporscopic done on my female parts but not in the groin. They did an MRI of the spine but this Dr did not see the purpose of MRI of the pelvis.

Yes my insurance covers everything. This year I would have to pay nothing because I have met my out of pocket for 2007. The pain med nurse thought it would be Feb or March of next year before I can get in!!:(

Not sure why he thought going to a surgeon every 2 months is a good idea?? They said they will not touch it (if it is a hernia) till it goes thru the wall.[/QUOTE]

I am sort of at a loss here as to what all is going on, but I wanted to say this ....
One tim

One time I got a knot in my groin. It was sore, and it kept getting bigger so I went to the Dr. I HAD VAGINITIS/Yeast Inf.

I had no earthly idea that I had any kind of infection. I was not itching, hurting, discharge or anything like that. So, I was blown out of the water when he told me that. He gave me meds ( I forget what) and it took care of the problem. If I am wayyyyy off base here, sorry......I just noticed the knot in the groin area and remembered what mine was. Have they done a pap on you lately? I am grasping at straws here.....Hope you can find the problem soon. I know it is very irritating to have a problem and not find the root of it.

Talk to ya later, Mammy

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