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Re: Siatica pain!
Oct 22, 2007
[QUOTE=cindy4hope;3270644]Sorry don't know what to tell you. I have a protruding disc at L4-5 and disc dengeration. I have scitica, pain down my left leg, sometimes feels like someone is stabbing in the buttocks. I also have neck pain, think I'm falling apart.

I went for pt today, and they let me lay on a heating pad, then they did a ultra sound back massage to try to loosen the muscles up. It sure fealt good, I go three times a week. It's not a cure but it helps me deal with the pain a little better.

Hope you get some relief.

Cindy, this is exactly how I started off. First I had pain in my buttock then came the sciatic pain in my left leg and then my right. I had the same diagnosis as you in the exact same place except that they also found a bone spur due to arthritis. I went through the gambit of going to see a Pain Specialist for two years with no real relief. As my wise son had told me, "Why mask the problem with drugs instead of taking care of the source of your pain?" We always do what our doctors tell us to do like drones and when he told me this he was right. Of course I too had gone to PT and no the hot pad is temporary as is everything else that's offered in PT. I've had Acupuncture which helped out a lot having to go once a week it made the week much easier to deal with but the cost of copay was expensive in the long run, then there's the tines unit that sends electrical shocks to your muscles and you adjust the amount of amps and the type of shock you want, if you want it to pulsate, come in waves, ect... This too felt good and I found myself using more often than recomended and fortunately my insurance paid for it other wise it would have been six hundred and sum out of pocket. What kind of tests have you had besides Xrays? My surgeon wanted me to wait until I got worse because he said according to my x-rays my back didn't look that bad. I told him that it felt worse and was getting worse as the months went on and I didn't want to wait for the surgery. So we had the MRI then the Horrid Discogram which really revealed that it was a bit worse than he thought but ultimately it was the bone spur that was really killing me. I had two surgeries in one, the fusion of the L4 and l5 and the S1-the one before the tail bone and a Lamenectomy which is when they remove a piece of bone from your spine and for me this was the piece that had the bone spur. The spur had been irritating my nerves and causing me much grief and had I waited I would have had permanent nerve damage. According to my surgeon my nerves were all irritated and swollen and I've lost some feeling on parts of one foot but the way I see it, I'm still standing and walking and still recovering, it's been a month and four days and gets a bit easier, just takes a long time. Keep track of your symptoms, they range from soreness of the back of the legs to numbness of the upper thigh and keep your doctor abreast of them. I hope you feel better. Take care,


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