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"what a pain!"
Oct 23, 2007
>.< I had a baby about 15 months ago, and all during my pregnancy, I noticed a sharp pain in my right, lower back and hip. The pain would sometimes "shoot" to my ankle and feet. When I told my OB about it, and that Tylenol doesn't even **touch** the pain, he told me to take Advil. . .(is that even safe during pregnancy? needless to say i suffered it out and did *not* take Advil) and said that there was nothing they could do about it. Seeing that he told me to take Advil, which a nurse at the hospital where I delivered my baby told me *not* to take, I kind of mistrust him. So I am now seeking other advice.
OK, so. . .15 months down the road, my lower back and hip still gets a very sharp pain (like can't walk at all kind of pain) and since I have started my office job 2 months ago (taking my child with me.) ((picking her up makes it worse. . .she weighs 20 lbs)) it's gotten worse and even spread to my right, upper back near my spine under my right shoulder blade and neck. I notice it worsens when there is a lot of tension on my neck, such as when I have my hair up. -I have a lot of hair and intend to keep it that way for religious purposes :) -
All I know is, that this pain is sometimes so bad, that I can get up out of bed, and I collapse, right next to my bed, and actually have to have my husband pick me up and put me back in bed. It feels almost like a pinched nerve somewhere, but I couldn't pinpoint where it's being pinched. I can only pinpoint the pain.
Should I seek further treatment elsewhere, or stick to my OB's advice and tough it out with an ibuprofen?

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